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forage factory, thamesmead

Saville Jones entered the RIBA Forgotten Spaces in 2013 with a proposal for a Forage Factory in Thamesmead. The site chosen is under a highway and is the under the northern section of the flyover. The arches under the southern section being already developed with The Link, a youth and community project (see The Link in our Community projects section).

The Forage Factory would occupy the six uninhabited arches, which are defined by the concrete structure of the flyover. The site is surrounded by high-rise and low-rise residential properties and these six arches are empty, forgotten spaces, poorly lit and unwelcoming. Each arch is approximately 17m wide and 25m deep and vary in height as the flyover slopes down to ground level.

The Forage Factory would be an urban agricultural enterprise aimed at providing high quality food, health education and employment. Each of the arches would support a different gourmet food product, with ‘green’ technologies employed to reduce running costs. The mass of the concrete road structure would provide temperature stability.

The food production envisaged includes mushrooms, snails, and lobster. A training and food academy completing the scheme.


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