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edmonton methodist church london

We have recently been appointed by Edmonton Methodist Church to develop a design for a new church building to replace their existing buildings which are no longer fit for purpose and offer a rather dreary, forbidding facade to the community around. The site is large and prominent and located within the Church Street/Fore Street Conservation Area, but the existing church buildings are considered to be a negative contributor to the area.

This flourishing church can no longer comfortably accommodate their growing congregation, with overflow facilities via CCTV links in various rooms being necessary for some larger services. The church wishes to develop a flexible, more transparent building, brought forward to the main road and open and welcoming including facilities for young people and the local community.

The project is currently in Planning.


A Revised West Ele_25.01.18
  • A Revised West Ele_25.01.18
  • B Revised South Ele_25.01.18
  • C 1414 SK74C Option 4 Ground Floor plan
  • D 1414 SK75B Option 4 First Floor plan
  • E 1414 SK76B Option 4 Second Floor plan
  • F 1414 SK77B Option 4 Third Floor plan