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ramsgate beach club

savillejones in partnership with Planning Solutions Consulting Limited (PSCL) have been working with Thanet District Council on the preparation of a feasibility study to test and develop the idea of establishing a beach club in Ramsgate; a facility that will act as a unique attraction for the town.

The Council is interested in exploring the potential to locate a Beach Club based on a derelict car park, which used to be the site of the Ramsgate Marina Club Bathing Pool.

Beach clubs are emerging as a new lifestyle concept in many coastal resorts throughout Europe. They blend the ever increasing need for health and well-being with outdoor activities providing services and facilities for club members, visitors and local community.

Developing a beach club at Ramsgate is based on a number of models in continental Europe, particularly in Belgium. The concept varies from club to club but typically have a strong ‘water sports’ and beach sporting focus and include changing rooms, storage space, a cafe and bar and social area. Clubs vary in size from 200-1000 members; importantly, day visitor members are also able to use the club facilities, hire equipment and book coaching.

Our work has been built around four interconnecting stages:

  • Defining the concept, particularly the range and mix of services and activities that could be delivered through a new physical resource;
  • Reviewing the location for the Beach Club and setting out design and development parameters;
  • Developing the technical, spatial, design and economic implications of the proposed facility;
  • Developing an overall business case for the facility, including financial projections as well as delivery models.


1415 SK05 Ground Floor_Heidi
  • 1415 SK05 Ground Floor_Heidi
  • 1415 SK06 First Floor_heidi
  • 1415 SK07 Second Floor_Heidi
  • A 1415 SK10 Visualisation 1 -Option A VIEW 2 copy
  • B 1415 SK10 Visualisation 1 -Option A VIEW 1 copy
  • C 1415 SK09 Visualisation 2  -Option A VIEW 2
  • D 1415 SK09 Visualisation 2  -Option A VIEW 1 copy
  • E 1415 SK11 Ground Floor - Option B POWERPOINT
  • F 1415 SK15 Visualisation 1 - Option B VIEW 1
  • G 1415 SK15 Visualisation 1 - Option B VIEW 2 copy
  • H 1415 SK16 Visualisation 2 -Option B copy VIEW 2
  • I 1415 SK16 Visualisation 2 -Option B VIEW 1 copy
  • M ramsgate as existing BW