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blue ball Lane, egham

Saville Jones was employed by the Rosemary Simmons Memorial Housing Association (RSMHA) to design residential units on a small site close to the centre of Egham in Surrey. The site was previously occupied by a bungalow, and the new scheme provides 8 apartments – five two-bedroom units and 3 one-bedroom units. The scheme is just outside the Egham Conservation Area and as such the design was carefully developed in consultation with Runnymede Borough Council’s planning department.

The new apartments are arranged around an open courtyard, with the north and west wings being three storey and the east wing, closest to Blue Ball Lane being two storey. The ground floor is in red brick to reflect the red brick of the Victorian buildings within the adjacent conservation area. The upper floors are clad in western red cedar. In order to keep the overall height down, the top floor windows are dormers. Some windows are bays and the gables are framed in cedar boxing, which creates variety and interest.

The apartments are well insulated and there are photovoltaic arrays on the roofs. The project, now know as Coopers Mews, was opened by the Mayor of Runnymede in September 2013.