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willink swimming pool

Client: Newbury District Council

This was an innovative low cost design solution for a community pool on a school site in rural Berkshire. The project, which had a total development cost of £1.2m, comprises of a 4-lane, 26m pool that incorporates a movable bulkhead, to give flexibility of use, enabling the pool to be a full 25m, or divided into 20m and 5m, providing a space for learners alongside regular swimmers.

The pool formed an extension to an existing recreation centre, and the project included some alterations to the existing centre, including the refurbishment and extension of the fitness gym, and new tennis courts.

The design offers a simple, clear solution to the brief, on what was a very restricted site, surrounded by school buildings.

Willink children
  • Willink children
  • Willink corridor
  • Willink entrance glazing
  • Willink front elev
  • Willink pool to reception
  • Willink pool with mural
  • Willink towards plant